June has been a busy month for the ORG team. Weeks worth of challenging, and exciting work finally came together in what was a very successful ORGCon 2013. While many of our supporters attended the event, and engaged in the discussions and talks that had been organised, others who did not have the opportunity to attend have been keeping up with the engaging, captivating, and insightful articles that have been filling up the zine site.

Edward Snowden, PRISM and Tempora have saturated news headlines on an international scale, and the story has managed to infiltrating almost every politically infused conversation over the past month. Our readers and contributors have shown a great deal of enthusiasm in wanting to discussing the issues that have arisen as a direct result of the revelations by Edward Snowden. Wendy Grossman has written several articles that explore the ways in which the US government are neglecting privacy laws by monitoring the communication devices that their, as well as foreign, citizens are using. We have more articles coming up in the next few weeks about Edward Snowden, as well as some coverage of the Bradley Manning trial.

Articles by James Brandes have also proven exceptionally popular amongst our readers, who have been continuously vocal in their engagement with his articles. James has aroused debate amongst our readers about whether or not blocking orders work, and where their future lies. His most recent article, which was first published on our zine, has been used by The Firm magazine, as well as being quoted in an article on TorrentFreak. We are fortunate enough to have more articles lined up from James in the coming weeks, so I'm very much looking forward to working with him again!

A key article for June, which really engrossed me and many of our readers was the #FRAPE article by the activist, feminist writer, and key member of the #facebookrape campaign, Soraya Chemaly. Chemaly put forward her argument on the polarized topic of internet censorship, and explained why Facebook should take appropriate action towards removing images that show women that have been subjected to physical abuse. Jillian York continued this argument and brought her case forward as to whether or not Facebook should have the power to censor the internet, and the content that we are exposed to while browsing the internet. 

And finally, some exciting news for the zine, we have a new co-editor! Alex Bryan joined as at the start of July, and we're all looking forward to working with him and publishing more articles on the zine.