Features / Aug 05, 2013 / Wendy M Grossman

Sleeping with the enemy

Wendy M Grossman looks at the Home Office's attempts at trying to keep its citizens informed via social media.

Features / Jul 31, 2013 / Tim Hardy

Seizing personal data without reasonable suspicion

Tim Hardy looks at the recent news that UKBA are using anti-terrorism laws to seize personal data of individuals travelling via air.

Features / Jul 30, 2013 / Wendy M Grossman

Immoral panic

Wendy M Grossman puts forward her argument against David Cameron's proposals to censor pornographic material on the internet.

Features / Jul 29, 2013 / Naomi Colvin

The Impending Fate of Bradley Manning

As Manning awaits his fate at the hands of Judge Denise Lind, Naomi Colvin reflects upon his case.

Features / Jul 24, 2013 / Calum Grant

Are UK Freedom of Speech Laws Obscene?

Calum Grant looks at the limits of free speech in Britain today.

Features / Jul 23, 2013 / Milena Popova

Porn blocking - a survivor's perspective

[TW] Milena Popova reviews David Cameron's measures on internet censorship, from a personal perspective.

Features / Jul 22, 2013 / Wendy M Grossman

Automate and chill

Wendy M Grossman looks at why storing communication data is an invasion of privacy, even if it does not come into contact with human eyes.

Features / Jul 16, 2013 / Stephen Blythe

Privacy and anonymity: necessary requirements for free speech?

Should we be pitting privacy and freedom of expression against each other, or should be embrace the principles embedded within the two to protect us all? Stephen Blythe explores the issue.

Features / Jul 15, 2013 / Wendy M. Grossman

Take back the Net

Would decentralising the technology we use result in defeating any attempts by the government to control and monitor us?

Editorial / Jul 10, 2013 / Joana Bundo

A look back at June

A look back at some of the June zine articles that have sparked debate amongst our readers.

Features / Jul 09, 2013 / Wendy M Grossman

Repealing the Internet

As the issue of internet security saturates the news headlines, Wendy M Grossman explores the idea of whether or not repealing the internet is a viable option...

Features / Jul 02, 2013 / James Brandes

Shiver me timbers! Is the torrent site blockade working or have those pesky pirates circumnavigated their way around it?

Are blocking orders for Torrent sites in the UK working? James Brandes investigates the matter.

Features / Jul 01, 2013 / Wendy M Grossman

Rounding errors

Wendy M Grossman comments on the US's use of surveillance drones over US soil

Features / Jun 26, 2013 / Corwin Bex

The future of home entertainment?

With the pending release of Xbox One, potential owners express some of their concerns about its new features.

Features / Jun 25, 2013 / Jillian York

Should Facebook do more to protect our freedom of speech?

Jillian York ask: with such a large number of users, should Facebook be obliged to protect our freedom of expression?

Features / Jun 24, 2013 / Wendy M Grossman

This does not apply to US citizens

US authorities claim that US data had not been under surveillance as part of the PRISM operation, Wendy M Grossman looks at whether there could be any truth to this.

Features / Jun 19, 2013 / Simon Phipps

Porn Summit Threatens Britain

Simon Phipps critiques the government's proposals on how to best deal with the issue of child pornography on the internet

Features / Jun 19, 2013 / Laura Jane Conrad

The Halifax Regional C@P Association: The importance of youth, community and collaboration in the information age.

Laura Conrad looks at the importance of computer literacy education amongst students, with particular focus on the Halifax Regional C@P Association in Canada.

Features / Jun 18, 2013 / Wendy M Grossman

Prism Break

Wendy M Grossman looks at the issue of privacy policies, and suggests that the system must be 'fixed' in order for users to completely understand what information they are signing away.

Features / Jun 17, 2013 / Aaron Stein

Turkey’s Twitter War

Aaron Stein looks at the importance of social media during the protests in Turkey.

Features / Jun 12, 2013 / Milena Popova

The world of Kindle

Milena Popova looks at how Kindle and Amazon are attempting to revive the world of fanfiction

Features / Jun 11, 2013 / Wendy M Grossman

Flow, sweet data, flow

Wendy M Grossman looks at the EU's plans to update the data protection directive.

Features / Jun 05, 2013 / Loz Kaye

Humans Have No Default Setting

Loz Kaye, Leader of the Pirate Party UK, looks at why the Snoopers Charter has crawled its way back into the political agenda, and why it will it may not solve the problems that politicians are hoping it will.

Features / Jun 04, 2013 / Professor Douwe Korff

Is 'Data Protection Regulation' really too much of a burden?

Professor Douwe Korff gives his thoughts on the ICO's letter to the Ministry of Justice on the 'Data Protection Regulation'

Features / Jun 04, 2013 / Soraya Chemaly


Does the #FBrape campaign challenge our freedom of speech? Are feminists censoring the internet? Soraya Chemaly, one of the founders of the campaign, gives her insight into the issue.

Features / Jun 03, 2013 / Wendy M Grossman

Forcing functions

Will open data support values of democracy, openness, transparency, and social justice? Wendy M Grossman explores the question.

Features / May 29, 2013 / Nick Pearson

Can a VPN protect you from government surveillance?

Nick Pearson explains the functions of a VPN, and how to best choose one that will ensure your privacy is protected.

Features / May 28, 2013 / James Brandes

Who are the BPI's new website blocking targets?

James Brandes looks at the torrent sites, filesharing aggregators and streaming services in the firing line, and asks if the fat lady sung for Grooveshark?

Features / May 22, 2013 / Wendy M. Grossman

Equality bytes

Does BT need television to compete with other service providers? Should the owners who own the means of distribution be allowed to also own the content it streams? Wendy M Grossman explores the issue of network neutrality.

Features / May 21, 2013 / Dr. Dinusha Mendis

Unravelling 3D Printing and Intellectual Property Laws: From Napster to Thingiverse and beyond

Dr. Dinusha Mendis's article gives an insight into what 3D printing is, and what challenges it will pose to intellectual property laws.