How to / Jan 21, 2011 / Milena Popova

How-to: Creative Commons

A guide to “copyleft” and using Creative Commons licenses to both protect and share your work in the digital age

News & Analysis / Jan 20, 2011 / Laura MacPhee

Tweeting for justice

A judge's decision to allow journalists to tweet from the courtroom promotes the values of liberal democracy and justice, says Laura MacPhee

News & Analysis / Jan 19, 2011 / Amalia King

A misguided approach

EU measures to block access to websites which host indecent child images threatens both our freedom and privacy, and is not the most effective way to combat child abuse

News & Analysis / Jan 18, 2011 / Wendy M Grossman

Face time

Goldman Sachs' enormous valuation of Facebook implies that this social network is in for the long haul, but previous online networking trends suggest otherwise

News & Analysis / Jan 17, 2011 / Graham Armstrong

A hacker's playground

Fail0verflow's successful hacking of Sony's Playstation 3, prompts us to question the legitimacy of DRM and who really owns the the hardware we buy

News & Analysis / Jan 14, 2011 / Milena Popova

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature

Frustrated Windows users from the 1990s are all too familiar with the implications of “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature” – a phrase that excuses limitations of software. Now proponents of DRM seem to be rehashing the same old excuse

News & Analysis / Jan 13, 2011 / Phil

Dodgy salesmen?

Do you think you're "buying" an ebook? If so, you may want to think again

Features / Jan 12, 2011 / Richard Millington

Rooting for the left

Rich Millington reviews Netroots UK and explores how it may be effective in changing the political landscape

News & Analysis / Jan 11, 2011 / Wendy M Grossman

Blinded by hindsight

Wendy Grossman discusses airport security procedures and recommendations for reform in her report on last week's mini-conference by the Electronic Privacy Information Center on the TSA

Features / Jan 10, 2011 / Phil

Spinners, scaremongers and songsters

With the Digital Economy Act up for review, it's important to look back at the history of the controversial bill and potential motives of the key players involved

News & Analysis / Jan 07, 2011 / Emily Goodhand

Charity shop blues

Emily Goodhand explains why charities should be exempt from paying an additional licence fee to Phonographic Performance Ltd

News & Analysis / Jan 06, 2011 / Milena Popova

She came in through the bathroom window

Following allegations that the FBI paid developers to install a backdoor in OpenBSD, Milena Popova examines the security advantages of open source software

News & Analysis / Dec 22, 2010 / Emily Goodhand

All in favour?

Google's digitisation of books holds tremendous potential for academic research and education - but that doesn't mean everyone's happy.

Features / Dec 21, 2010 / Milena Popova

The year without the BPI

I used to spend £50 a month on music. Six months into my boycott of BPI, I examine who gains and loses - and how much.

News & Analysis / Dec 20, 2010 / Wendy M Grossman

Sharing values

Google versus the BPI - whose side are you on?

News & Analysis / Dec 18, 2010 / Milena Popova

How do you solve a problem like copyright?

There are many things that are wrong with our copyright law, but the part that says you've got to compensate the rightsholder and get their permission if you want to profit from their work, isn't one of them.

News & Analysis / Dec 17, 2010 / Richard Millington

WikiLeaks day of action

Features / Dec 17, 2010 / Tech and Law blog

Data protection: myths and misses

The EU Data Protection Directive has been around for 15 years, and is now up for revision - but what is it, and how is it relevant to you?

Features / Dec 16, 2010 / Laura MacPhee

Love virtually

It is estimated that more than 20 million people visit dating websites each month. How can we explain this surge in their popularity? Laura MacPhee offers a critical assessment of the benefits and drawbacks of online dating

News & Analysis / Dec 16, 2010 / Milena Popova

Dead-tree functionality

Amazon Kindle's plans to acquire "lending" functionality: an archaic model of the 16th century.

News & Analysis / Dec 16, 2010 / James Baster

Not just the usual suspects

After the fallout from Google's accidental capture of personal data from Wifi networks made savage headlines, it's important to remember the real debate at stake

News & Analysis / Dec 16, 2010 / Phil

The long arm of copyright

Don't scroll down for more - all copyrights to content below the fold are reserved.

Editorial / Dec 12, 2010 / Jason Kitcat

Welcome to ORGzine

/ Dec 09, 2010 / Jim Killock