News & Analysis / Mar 08, 2012 / Gemma Craggs

Diving in to the absurd

Mobile blocking technologies overstep their 'boundaries'

Features / Mar 05, 2012 / Wendy Grossman

Drive by wire

Are we cruising into a blind spot with the latest advances in automobile technology?

Features / Mar 02, 2012 / Wendy Grossman

Foul Play

SOCA has arrested the proprietor of music blog RnBXclusive, and posted a characteristic angry message for visitors of the site to see. But what effect will this have on the ongoing copyright wars of the net?

News & Analysis / Feb 10, 2012 / Glyn Moody

Debunking the European Commission's '10 myths about ACTA'

Glyn Moody takes us through the EC's document '10 myths about ACTA' and shows us that it has some myths of its own

News & Analysis / Feb 10, 2012 / Stu Anderson

Five Reasons ACTA Must Be Stopped

With the ACTA protest in London coming up this Saturday, Stu Anderson brings opposition to ACTA into focus:

News & Analysis / Feb 10, 2012 / Helen Lock

Facebook goes public

A short summary of recent comment on Facebook's proposed IPO

Features / Feb 04, 2012 / Wendy M Grossman

Beyond the Soup Kitchen

While the geeks get rich, I thought I'd go the other way

News & Analysis / Feb 02, 2012 / Justin Brookman

Commission Proposes Stronger Data Privacy Legislation

Revising an old directive; renewed legislation with more teeth

Features / Jan 31, 2012 / Milena Popova

ACTA, Parliament, and the true democratic deficit

The Government squabbles over fiscal sovereignty while signing up to a treaty that will suppress our rights as consumers

Features / Jan 30, 2012 / Wendy Grossman

Principle Failure

Is Google still succeeding at not being evil with the introduction of its new streamlined privacy policy?

News & Analysis / Jan 26, 2012 / Sara Kelly

Dealing with data – The 'burden-less' business?

Sara Kelly of COADEC reviews Viviane Reding's latest proposals for EU Data Protection reform

Features / Jan 23, 2012 / Wendy M Grossman

Camping Out

Wendy Grossman reports on this year's UK GovCamp and the hope for real change in attitudes towards technology

Features / Jan 19, 2012 / Milena Popova

Copyright by the book - a step-by-step guide to killing the economy

Milena Popova explains what happens when you play by the copyright rules

Features / Jan 16, 2012 / Wendy M Grossman

Pot pourri

Wendy Grossman reflects on an incident-packed 2012 - only two weeks into the year

News & Analysis / Jan 13, 2012 / Milena Popova

Teaching our kids to code

An overhaul of ICT in schools is badly needed, argues Milena Popova, but Gove's proposals are not quite right yet

Features / Jan 10, 2012 / Quiet Riot Girl

Puritanism In A Permissive Age?

Quiet Riot Girl cautions against a five-digit victory salute over the outcome of the recent obscenity trial

Features / Jan 09, 2012 / Wendy M Grossman

Only the paranoid

'The problem with Facebook's privacy controls... is that they exist'.

Features / Jan 03, 2012 / Wendy M Grossman

Ignorance is no excuse

Ignoring the ignorant will only make matters worse in the technology debate

Features / Dec 27, 2011 / Wendy Grossman

Duck Amuck

Wendy Grossman explains why she has ditched the Google search engine for 'disruptive' young upstart DuckDuckGo

Features / Dec 22, 2011 / Habib Kadiri

Read it and weep

A lack of creases and coffee stains is NOT the problem with e-book readers. DRM is

Features / Dec 19, 2011 / Wendy Grossman

Location, location, location

Data... it's about who knows you.

Features / Dec 13, 2011 / Wendy Grossman

Reversal of government fortunes

Transform government IT projects from expensive white elephants into open, collaborative innovations, but without compromising our right to privacy.

Features / Dec 08, 2011 / Habib Kadiri

VODO Interview

VODO founder and CEO Jamie King speaks to ORGZine about the company's operations as a distributor of films under the "Freemium" model.

Features / Nov 22, 2011 / Habib Kadiri

Shanking the Messenger

MP Heidi Alexander’s proposal to ban internet videos glorifying gang crime is a stab in the dark

Features / Oct 22, 2011 / Wendy M Grossman

Printers on fire

Wendy Grossman highlights the threat of unprotected consumer hardware to attack.

Features / Oct 17, 2011 / Wendy M Grossman

Think of the children

Wendy Grossman asks how useful filters are in preventing children from accessing x-rated sites.

News & Analysis / Oct 14, 2011 / Saskia Walzel

Blocking Newzbin

Newzbin is making legal history in the UK. Saskia Walzel looks at the 2010 High Court decision which found Newzbin guilty of copyright infringement.

Features / Oct 12, 2011 / Ruben Corbo

A Pledge for Digital Rights

Why and how you can tell which sites ISPs are blocking.

News & Analysis / Oct 07, 2011 / Wendy M Grossman

In the Club

Internet technology influences our lives in unexpected ways, as Wendy Grossman finds out to her surprise.