Features / Apr 12, 2011 / Eva Galperin

Don’t turn San Francisco into a police state!

A proposal from the San Francisco Entertainment Commission raises severe privacy concerns

Features / Apr 11, 2011 / Wendy M Grossman

Brought to book

As the Harry Potter series looks to be heading to ebooks, Wendy Grossman looks at potential drawbacks to the growth of the ebook market

News & Analysis / Apr 08, 2011 / Milena Popova

Copyright infringement - just like terrorism

Milena Popova looks at the US proposals to tackle copyright infringement, and warns caution in trusting the state with such powers

News & Analysis / Apr 07, 2011 / Joel Sage

Student battles huge fine

Outcome up in the air for student who is appealing $67,500 fine in court

News & Analysis / Apr 06, 2011 / Jérémie Zimmerman

European Copyright: Collusion for the control of the net

Fundamental online rights at risk in Europe

Features / Apr 05, 2011 / Thomas Quinn

Loz Kaye interview

Loz Kaye speaks to us about Wikileaks, the Digital Economy Act, privacy and the future

News & Analysis / Apr 04, 2011 / Wendy M Grossman

Equal Access

Wendy M. Grossman looks at web blocking and asks what it really solves

Features / Apr 01, 2011 / Milena Popova

Music industry fails to exhibit learning behaviour

Another sign that the music industry is living in la-la land, by Milena Popova

Features / Mar 31, 2011 / Simon Hunter-Williams

A perspective from Seoul on internet censorship

Simon Hunter-Williams gives his perspective on censorship in South Korea

News & Analysis / Mar 30, 2011 / Milena Popova

The future of TV has just arrived

Hollywood just isn't sure what approach to take with NetFlix, by Milena Popova

News & Analysis / Mar 29, 2011 / Wendy M Grossman

Return to the red page district

.xxx is now, eventually, a domain name. But Wendy Grossman argues that its time has been and gone

Features / Mar 28, 2011 / Milena Popova

Giants in the playground

As the music and technology industries square up once more, Milena Popova looks at the implications it could have on the Hargreaves review

News & Analysis / Mar 25, 2011 / Corynne McSherry

Good & bad in Google Books search settlement decision

Analysis of the US court ruling on the Google Books settlement

Features / Mar 24, 2011 / Milena Popova

Free your gadgets

Milena Popova looks at why companies such as Sony and Apple are missing out by stifling attempts for users to hack their own products

News & Analysis / Mar 23, 2011 / Saskia Walzel

The Digital Economy Act, or the BPI v Parliament?

It is disappointing that a couple of ISPs are trying to frustrate the Digital Economy Act which had been enacted by Parliament, says the BPI. Saskia Walzel argues that it was predictable that laws which had been forced through parliament without proper scrutiny would run into trouble

News & Analysis / Mar 22, 2011 / Peter Bradwell

Richard Stallman

Richard Stallman speaks to ORGZine about the Digital Economy Act, copyright, education and more

Features / Mar 21, 2011 / Wendy M Grossman

Block party

As the IWF celebrates its 15th birthday, Wendy Grossman looks at the how successful it has been since its creation

News & Analysis / Mar 18, 2011 / Milena Popova

Who owns your twitter username?

Milena Popova looks at the latest twitter controversy and speaks to @girlgeeks

Features / Mar 17, 2011 / Jillian York

Human rights and social media

Building human rights into your social site

Reviews / Mar 16, 2011 / Milena Popova

Maker Faire 2011

Milena Popova reports from the Maker Faire UK 2011 in Newcastle

Features / Mar 15, 2011 / Thomas Quinn

Music industry is backward & economically suicidal

Simon Indelicate, from The Indelicates, tells ORGZine about his experiences in the music industry and why the traditional model for record companies is out-dated

Features / Mar 14, 2011 / Wendy M Grossman

Standing up for the census

Wendy Grossman argues that the transparency of the census makes it a much better option for data collection than the alternatives

News & Analysis / Mar 11, 2011 / Milena Popova

Writing for ORGZine - a trip down memory lane

Milena Popova reflects on her time in the Digital Rights movement

News & Analysis / Mar 10, 2011 / Jillian York

Over-stating the Internet's importance in Libya

Jillian York looks at the role of the Internet and mobile phones in Libya and beyond

News & Analysis / Mar 09, 2011 / Laura MacPhee

Kremlin moves to prevent a social media revolution

After seeing the impact social media has had in the Middle East revolutions, new plans would aim to prevent a similar situation arising in Russia, argues Laura MacPhee

News & Analysis / Mar 08, 2011 / Milena Popova

Online community shames Minister out of office

Milena Popova looks at how an ad-hoc online collaboration exposed a German Minister's history of plagiarism.

News & Analysis / Mar 07, 2011 / Wendy M Grossman

Tax returns

Wendy Grossman asks if now is the time to revisit the debate on taxing internet sales

News & Analysis / Mar 04, 2011 / Milena Popova

Copyright gone mad!

Milena Popova looks at the latest bizarre story to emerge as a result of overly protective copyright

News & Analysis / Mar 03, 2011 / Emily Goodhand

The threat to non-print archives

Emily Goodhand looks at the threat posed to our cultural heritage by potential restrictions on non-print archiving

News & Analysis / Mar 02, 2011 / Milena Popova

Selling the internet

Milena Popova looks at both sides of the net neutrality debate