News & Analysis / Mar 01, 2011 / Wendy M Grossman

The wartime economy

A recent report claims that cybercrime is costing the UK economy £27 billion annually. But Wendy Grossman argues that the report may be over-stating the case

News & Analysis / Feb 28, 2011 / Saskia Walzel

Fair use rights in the UK... it’s the 80s all over again

Feargal Sharkey describes fair use as “intellectual masturbation” and a blind alley that has triggered angst and insecurity ever since Cameron said it gave companies the breathing space to create new products and services. Saskia Walzel seeks to shed light on fair use

Features / Feb 25, 2011 / Lance Wicks

Fusing open source with... judo

Lance Wicks finds an innovative way to combine his love of judo with open source

Features / Feb 24, 2011 / Iman Qureshi

Fighting internet oppression in Pakistan

Pakistan coordinator Shahzad Ahmad, of the South Asian internet rights campaign group Bytes for All, tells ORGZine about the media, the internet, the law and their campaigns in Pakistan

Features / Feb 23, 2011 / Wendy M Grossman

What is hyperbole?

'Freedom Box' and IBM's computer called Watson aren't exactly revolutionary tools and nor will they scale to the mass market, argues Wendy M Grossman

Features / Feb 22, 2011 / Alison Powell

Is it finally time for P2P infrastructure?

Alison Powell examines just how tricky it is for social media to reach mass distribution whilst still remaining decentralised

News & Analysis / Feb 17, 2011 / Graham Armstrong

Ogle it

Graham Armstrong wonders how internet giant Google, with a recent change of CEO and a legacy of wins and woes, will be approaching the future

News & Analysis / Feb 16, 2011 / Tom Hubbard-Green


Tom Hubbard-Green looks to Radiohead for a new business model for digital downloads

News & Analysis / Feb 15, 2011 / Courtney C Radsch

A double-edged sword

Digital activism has become a potent and politically charged manifestation of power - but activists aren't the only ones with access to Facebook, warns Courtney C. Radsch

Features / Feb 14, 2011 / Alex Lambert

Valentine's Special: Queeries

This Valentine's Day, Alex Lambert looks at how the the internet provides a safe space for LGBTs to communicate and find love online

Features / Feb 14, 2011 / Laura MacPhee

Valentine's Special: Lovebirds

Social media has helped overcome the geographical divide - making it easier for lovebirds to tweet sweet nothings across continents on Valentine's Day!

Editorial / Feb 11, 2011 / Iman Qureshi

Art is democratic

As ORGZine's celebration of all things bookish draws to a end, it's important to remember why we value books, libraries, knowledge and information

News & Analysis / Feb 11, 2011 / Wendy M Grossman


The 21st century has presented us with digitised options which allow us declutter our bookshelves; Wendy M. Grossman says, “ick”

Reviews / Feb 10, 2011 / Richard Millington


It's roughly ten years since the “dot com bubble” collapsed, taking with it more than a few panglossian assumptions about the nature of online business. Now, according to Belarusian web critic and Foreign Policy contributing editor Evegny Morozov, we are seeing a re-run of that imbalance between expectation and reality. This time round, however, it is occurring in the minds of policy-makers, not investors

News & Analysis / Feb 09, 2011 / Simon Barron

A social-networking success story

The Voices for the Library story demonstrates how effective social media can be for promotion on a massive scale, collaboration between geographically diverse team members, and giving a voice to people who would otherwise go unheard

Features / Feb 08, 2011 / Richard Millington

Video: An interview with Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman speaks to Rich Millington from ORGZine about books, piracy, copyright and the internet

News & Analysis / Feb 04, 2011 / Ian Clark

Love your librarian

Plans for volunteers to run libraries are not viable, as the technical knowledge and expertise of professional librarians is irreplaceable

News & Analysis / Feb 02, 2011 / Emma Cragg

Everybody loves surfing

Threats of library closures have sparked protests all over, but it's more than just access to books which is at stake

Reviews / Feb 01, 2011 / Milena Popova

For the Win by Cory Doctorow

Milena Popova on the feminism, morality and good ol' fashioned lefty economics of Cory Doctorow's novel For the Win

Features / Feb 01, 2011 / Eleanor Wheeler

The self-publishing revolution

Whilst the internet provides lots of creative opportunities for writers to engage with their readers, the suggestion that it will render the publishing industry redundant is nothing but an unfounded myth

Features / Jan 31, 2011 / Iman Qureshi

Talkin’ ’bout a revolution

Hari Kunzru speaks to Iman Qureshi about political dissidence, information libertarianism, multiculturalism – and the truth about Twitter

Editorial / Jan 31, 2011 / Iman Qureshi

ORGZine launches Book Week!

We love books here at ORG towers, and so we're very excited to be launching our book week. We'll be covering all issues bookish on ORG Zine

Features / Jan 27, 2011 / Milena Popova

Mickey Mouse Protection

Musician Kathryn Rose speaks to Milena Popova about her music, copyright, creativity and orphan works

Features / Jan 26, 2011 / Joel Stein

Divide and rule

With the UK government and BT threatening net neutrality, Joel Stein looks at its history and why it is a fundamental ideal to uphold

Features / Jan 25, 2011 / Milena Popova

“Damn the man!”

With DRM continually imposing restrictions, Milena Popova presents some better and more viable alternatives which uphold market principles, but also maintain consumers' choice

News & Analysis / Jan 24, 2011 / Wendy M Grossman


Amidst debates over privacy vs security, what can we learn from the model historically employed by gentlemen's clubs in the nineteenth century?